Wed 31 August 2011 at The Prince Albert


Just 8 of us till John joined us making 9.

Lovely evening, and lots of laughter – well done to Martin for sparking some of it off! Especially the "Post-Coital Concertinas" episode which made us laugh such a lot!

We went in the following order, apart from the odd occasion!

Dick: Claudy Banks, All Things Are Quite Silent, Evils of Tobacco, and another

Fred: Streets of Laredo (on flute), Over the Hills and Far Away (acapella), Romanza (guitar), Lament for the death of Rev Archie Beaton (F Whistle)

Karen: Circle Game and Follow The Heron, both with Steve on guitar, Snowing on Raton accompanying herself on guitar, and The Black Crow, unaccompanied

Steve: You’re Gonna Make me Lonesome When You Go, Paradise (John Prine), Desperado, City of New Orleans

Martin: Lucky Man, Little Pot Stove, For Emily Wherever she May Be, You’ve Got a Friend

John: Shanghai Brown, Casey’s Last Ride

Delia: Grandfather’s Dance / Astley’s Ride

Suart & Delia: Nancy Davison / Bonnets o’ Blue

Stuart: Margaret’s Waltz / Midnight on the Water, truro Agricultural Show, Sammy’s Bar

Next week we're at The Dog and Badger, Medmenham, see you there!

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