Doubling the kitty at the Chequers


There was no confusion this week, so we were able to spend the whole evening at The Chequers.

The absence of some of some of our regulars was balanced by a visiting party from Northern climes, whose names I forget. They contributed a selection of songs. I particularly enjoyed the duet version of Donovan's Donna Donna.

This week's Name That (willow flute) Tune challenge from Fred went unanswered. Not only did not recognise it, we also didn't know the song once we knew that it was Kitty From Coleraine. Of course, that prompted Fred to sing it next time around. Fred also explained the willow flute to our visitors, including how he learned it by following a bugle tune book. There followed the performance of a bugle tune.
  • Highlight of the evening for me was David, Alison and Simons' best performance yet of the unaccompanied 'Lisbon'.
  • Simon had returned from Sidmouth with a new and interesting tune - The Four Seasons - that turned out to be  a three part jig.
  • Alison led us in singing a round - Shalom Shalom May Peace Be With You.
  • Mike sang his second Sandy Denny song in a row - Fotheringay this time
We're at The Dashwood Arms on 17t August. See you there

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