Who let the dogs out at The Chequers


There was a large party eating in the room in which we usually play at The Chequers so Emma relocated us to the middle bar, which is small and is a thoroughfare to the bar for staff and drinkers. We had a very good turnout of players and guests so it was a bit of a squeeze.

Despite this, it turned out to be a super evening .The highlight was undoubtedly the backing vocals contributed by The Chequers' resident beagle while it was behind the door next to Dick as he was singing Limehouse Lass. Of course, we all joined in with 'I could have loved you so ow ow ow ow'.

Jeremy joined us once more and this time brought along his daughter Anna. After being accompanied by Jeremy for her first song, she picked up the guitar herself for Beeswing. It's a hard song to pull off, and Anna made a great job of it. This was apparently the first time she'd played guitar in public. Let's hope we hear more.

It was great to see Debbie, complete with new hip.

We're at The Dashwood Arms next week where, as far as I know, there is no doggy chorus. 

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