Rather more peripatetic than we expected


Most of regulars like the idea of having a selection of pubs that we play in on a loosely monthly rota. They have different atmospheres, and attract slightly different attendees. Although it's a bit of a step for some of us,  The Chequers at Fingest is in a  lovely spot and the room is the right size and well-placed. So, we were pleased that the new incumbents were keen that we returned after our June visit. I arranged for us to be there on 2nd Wednesday in July.

When we arrived at 8:30, I was surprised to see a band set up and playing in the room we expected to use. Apparently, the band had called and asked if it was OK for them to rehearse in the room, and the staff thought they were us and said OK! They and the others in the pub were clearly having a good time so, rather than disrupt them, we decided to move on the the Prince Albert. Mike was  welcoming and had a surprise for us - Emma from The Chequers had rung ahead and offered to buy a drink for each of us. Cheers Emma!

This short trip between pubs wasn't a big deal for most of us. However, Tony was in the area and had looked at the website and got the impression that we'd be at the Dashwood Arms. So he went there first, ordered and ate a meal before realising we weren't coming. He then headed off the The Chequers before being redirected to the PA. He deserved his free pint for perseverance.

After all that, we had a super evening that included another point number from Fred, a pre-emptive celebration of the demise of a media legend snake. Lyrics below. Thanks to everyone who came.

I've arranged for us to be at The Chequers for the second Wednesdays in August and September, and the Dog and Badger for the first Wednesdays. See the calendar.

We're really at the Dashwood Arms next week, but that doesn't mean you can't visit any of our other venues on the way.

Rebekah's Employer (to the tune of Doctor Hook's Sylvia's Mother)

Rebekah's Employer says Rebekah's busy, too busy to come to the phone
Rebekah's Employer says Rebekah's trying, to start a new life of her own
Rebekah's Employer says Rebekah's innocent, so why can't you leave her alone
And the operator says Forty cents more, for the next three minutes

Please Mr. Murdoch I just got to talk to her
I'll only keep her a while
Please Mr. Murdoch I just want to tell her

Rebekah's Employer says Rebekah's packing, she's going be leaving today
Rebekah's Employer says Rebekah's joining, a paper down Galveston-Way
Rebekah's Employer says She don't say nothing, she might give the whole game away
And the operator says Forty cents more, for the next three minutes


Rebekah's Employer says Rebekah is hurrying, she's catching the nine o'clock train
Rebekah's Employer says Take your umbrella, cause Rebekah it's starting to rain
And Rebekah's Employer says News International will rise from the ashes again
And the operator says Forty cents more, for the next three minutes


Tell her goodbye
Please, tell her goodbye

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