All change at The Chequers


The Chequers at Fingest is under new management, Jackson and Emma, who were previously at the excellent Fox & Hounds at Christmas Common. Jackson was indisposed this evening, but Emma made us very welcome. I was less impressed by their dog the size of a horse, or even the smaller dog that toured the room while I was trying to play. At least it had a complete set of legs.

We had a wide variety of material this evening, made wider than usual by Rosie, Steve and I (and bass guitar) running through some Bottom Line material.

Highlights for me were:

  • John's rendition of a parody of Old Maui called Slowing Down To Lethargy - the theme of this was singing long songs very slowly. Excellent.
  • Fred's latest point number called, I think, The Cricketers of Penn. This was a result of David's challenge after last week's cricketer-disrupted evening at the Prince Albert. 
  • Martin's version of Paul McCartney's Blackbird
  • David and Alison's unaccompanied version of Nagasaki (where the men chew tobaccy). It would not be appropriate to say that this song bombed.
We've arranged to return to The Chequers on the second Wednesday of July and hope to make it a monthly venue. Next week we'll be at the Belle Vue.

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