Bonfire of the guitars at The Belle Vue?


We had a better turn-out than usual at The Belle Vue this week.

Norman paid us a second visit (a couple of years after his first) and sang a Cyril Tawney song lamenting 'proper' pubs and, later, a parody about his short career as a motorcycle courier. Excellent stuff.

But the star of the evening was Judith's son Adam, who plays latin- and jazz-influenced music on classical guitar. Super playing, and great to have the variety. The other guitar players among us were somewhat intimidated but nobody to my knowledge actually burned their guitar afterwards. We look forward  to hearing Adam again.

As Jake Thackray was to The Braden Beat and Richard Stilgoe was to Nationwide, so Fred is to MBAC. Inspired by the recent super-injunction 'news', he gave us another 'point number' this week: The Laws of Libel to the tune of The Shoals of Herring. Facebookers can find the lyrics here.

Back to The Dog and Badger next week - cricketer-free we hope!

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