The vital few at The Belle Vue


There's a line in Me and Bobby McGee that goes something like 'we finally sung every song that driver knew'. It felt a bit that that this evening at the Belle Vue. We had very sparse attendance  this week - just Dick, Dave and Norma, Rosie and me and, later, John. We also had some competition from the jukebox.

However, a young couple remained with us in the Belle Vue 'snug' and made an appreciative audience. Sabina even sang us a song from her homeland of Austria. We look forward to seeing and hearing them again. Sabina asked if anyone knew a song her grandma used to sing, for which she knew some lyrics. With the help of the Belle Vue wifi, my phone and Google, John was able to sing 'All By Yourself In the Moonlight' (1928) for her!

As usual for a second Wednesday of the month, we'll be at the Price Albert on Wednesday 13th. I'm confident of the usual high attendance/

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