Back to a full quota at The Prince Albert


After our depleted numbers last week, it was good to get back to a full complement at The Prince Albert this week. That complement included John McRae who was as entertaining as always, although I was forced to administer a yellow card for a joke that involved a cowboy called The Brown Paper Kid who was arrested for rustling. He sang a couple of country-flavoured songs, one of which was about 600 bottles of whiskey, and ended the evening with a shanty that could probably have been heard in Marlow. I hope Delia's ears have recovered.

Our of the highlights related back to last week, when John had sung 'All By Yourself In the Moonlight'at the request of someone whose grandmother had sung it to her. Terry had not been there, but had read my blog post about it. This prompted him to revive a parody from (I think) Dorset that had the rest of us rolling with laughter. Thank you Terry.

Fred rose to my unstated challenge  and sang a song in yet another language - Japanese this time. Any guesses on the next language?

I had told several people that Rosie and I had two 'first time out' songs and, indeed, we had rehearsed them earlier that evening. However,  Rosie still needs the lyric sheets for them and we left those at home. So we had to dig up older material, with mixed success on my part. The said sheets are now in our music bag and we're confident that the new songs will be aired next week at The Dashwood Arms. I should point out that one comes with a 'rudeness advisory notice'.

I'm pleased to say that Karen and Alison did come fully prepared to sing new songs. Karen with A Kay Tilley song and Alsion with There's a Ghost in This House (recorded by Alsion Krauss).

I took no notes, but here's what else I remembered:
  • David F:the obscure Steely Dan song Here in the Western World, accompanied for the first time by Simon on bass
  • Simon, Alison and David: A Calling On Song
  • Dave H: his 'Gambling, Drinking and Smoking' song
  • Steve: Green Hils of Antrim
  • Dick: Here's To You Tom Brown
  • Delia: an Easter Carol focused on Judasand a concertina duet with Stuart
  • John Crosby: Bournemouth
  • Martin was there too

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