Canine Adventures at The Dashwood Arms


Once again we had a good turn-out at The Dashwood Arms and we treated the locals and each other to a very wide variety of styles. It was April, a few days before St George's Day  and Easter, so there was plenty of scope for topical material.

Rosie and I started the English theme with The Seven Stars and Billy Bragg's (via Kirsty McColl) New England. Alan and Liz excelled in the English department with Oak and Ash and Thorn, English Meadow and the excellent The Dock and the Nettle by Mark Ashworth. We can always rely on Dick for English material - today's was Fathom the Bowl, The Rounding of Cape Horn and The Molecatcher. Stuart had a similar theme with Cyril Tawney's Stanley the Rat.

And to add some later Englishness, Simon sang the music hall song Old Brown Hat. This was by Harry Champion.who also gave the world Any Old Iron, Boiled Beef and Carrots and I'm Enery The Eighth I Am, which are allegedly different songs.

On the Easter theme, we had Pace Egging from Simon, and for April, Twas On One April Morning from Delia.

Fred has taken my remark on the number of languages in which he sings as a challenge. He offered a prize for the person who guessed this week's language. It turned out to be Hindi, the song being Ishwar Allah Tere Naam (Ishwar and Allah Are Your Names). We were provided with lyrics sheets (in Roman script!) and were able to sing along. He made that into a theme of his own with the Native American We've Gone To Be Bears. (two types of Indian - geddit).

West Coast America got an early outing with The Grateful Dead's Ship of Fools from David, and continued later with The Eagles' Bitter Creek from Steve. Both excellent.

We also heard:
  • Steve: City of New Orleans and I Hope You Dance, the latter with very good unrehearsed backing vocals from Rosie. Has lots of promise for a certain band.
  • Alan and Liz: Jez Lowe's Galloways
  • Deila: Under the Weeping Willow
  • Richard and Andy: Smokey Robinson's Track of My Tears, Ball of Yarn, Carrickfergus and The Band's The Weight
  • Alison: Died Standing Up, 10000 miles
  • David: Ripple Away
  • Fred: Sweet as Man
Rosie and I managed to bring along the lyrics for the two overdue 'first time out' songs. First was Nick Lowe's Peace Love and Understanding. We postponed the second song so it was the last song of the evening, partly to give Rosie the chance to have a second glass of wine and partly because I wondered whether whoever followed us might be too shocked to sing anything at all. The song itself was Fascinating Aida's Dogging. As the song says, if you're unsure of the subject, you can try google as long as you're not planning to send your computer for repair. Alternatively, you can watch FA's video. We hope no-one was offended.

We'll be back at The Dashwood Arms on the third Wednesay in May. Next week is certainly at The Prince Albert., watch out for confirmation of other upcoming venues soon.

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