I'll touch your bass if you'll touch mine


Another splendid evening at the Prince Albert, with Simon's friend Basil the Bass making a second appearance.

Stand-out number of the evening for me was David's take (with the usual supergroup support) on The Very Thing That Makes You Rich (Makes Me Poor) - it's hard to follow Ry Cooder but this had a great feel about it.

Alison, David and Simon (and Basil)'s other contributions were Darkness Darkness, Let It Be (perhaps prompted by Steve bemoaning the lack of Beatles songs at the club), Ten Thousand Miles and Hey Mister That's Me Up On The Jukebox.
I was pleased to get acquainted with Basil (and have a bit of practice for the following evening's gig at The Boot) when Karen and Steve sang Machine Gun Kelly. Rosie added some concertina to this too, prompting Dick to suggest we were becoming a rival super group. They also sang The Eagles' My Man, Steve sang Sleeping Sailor and Every Now and Then.

James Taylor made a third appearance via Martin with Something in the Way She Moves. Martin also sang Steve Knightley's Arrogance Ignorance and Greed and his own song Touching Base. This cleverly links together a lot of phrases (predominantly from the other side of the Atlantic) that get over-used in the corporate world.

Fred is heading for some sort of record with Je'su Christ s'habille en Pauvre. I think his last four songs have been in four different languages (previous ones have been English, Welsh and Irish)

We also heard:

Rosie and me: Blue Valentines (more practice for Thursday), Looking in the Eyes of Love, Musical Priest / Star of Munster, Kerry Polkas (for a rousing finish)
Rosie: Grandma's Hands
me: Pernod Waltz
Dave H: Misty Glows of Scotland, Hop Picking Song
Debbie: Pretty Amazing Grace and an excellent First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Dick Who's The Fool Now, Come Ye Lads, Here's To You Tom Brown (The Card Song)
Fred: Westmoreland / Sparre Lilla (Little Sparrow)
Tony: Cornish Lads and a tune

As you can see, Karen was captivated by the evening....

We have our first visit to The Chequers @ Fingest on 30th March. This is a lovely pub and has a room that looks very promising for the club. Im looking forward to it very much.

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