Passing by the Prince Albert


It's always nice to have passing musicians pop in to our Wednesday sessions, and so it proved this week. Charlotte and Richard live near Brighton and were wen route to Oxford, so paid a visit to us. They sang three of Charlotte's excellent original songs, accompanied by Charlotte's concertina and Richard on mandolin or fiddle

  • The Frost Fair, about the times when the Thames froze over and a fair could be held near Battersea Bridge
  • SeaHab, describing how young men join the sea crab fisherman in order to get away from temptation
  • The Sussex Shepherdess, about the trials and tribulations of a modern-day shepherdess

plus an interesting take on Things Ain't What They Used to be and a non-often-heard, and seasonal, George Formby song - Letting The New Year In. They were much appreciated, so we hope they pass by again soon.
Other contributors were:
  • Dick - Turkish Men of War, The Moon Shines Bright and Limehouse Lass
  • Alison, David and Simon, who arrived before 9 - early enough for Simon to get a proper seat rather than his usual stool. The Sun It Goes Down, Elvis Presley Blues, something foreign about autumn, Brain Damage, Widdecombe Fair and It's Just Emotion
  • Fred, who started with Snowy Path on his F whistle and later recited Ogden Nash's I Never Even Suggested It (which seemed somewhat heartfelt)
  • Karen, with re-instated accompanist Steve, dug up Dimming of the Day and (at the request of one of the locals), Crazy Man Michael
  • A Rosie-less me: a tune bearing some resemblance to The Pernod Waltz
  • Steve: Julie Gold's Southbound Train and his own excellent You Only Got One Life
  • Stuart using Delia's quiter concertina to accompany the lady herself on a 'Xmas/New Year' song, the name of which I didn't catch, followed by a concertina duet of The Huntsmen's Chorus / Astley's Ride. Stuart later sand Daddy Fox, to a different tune than the ine used by Dick
  • Richard - Marshall's Law and A Maiden Sat A Weeping
  • John had been told of my facebook post about my series of unfortunate events on the Monday. He was kind enough to dedicate It's Going To Be One Of Those Days to me.

All in all, an excellent evening.

See you at the next one!

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