While the cat's away at The Dog & Badger


It was great that several people had come to The Dog & Badger specifically because we were playing there. I managed to do my duty to engage them in conversation to find out whether they wanted to sing, or had just come to listen. My willingness to do this was completely unrelated to the fact that they were female and Rosie was not with me. It turned out that they or their friends hope to come along to sing in the future.

The evening started eventfully when, as Dick was singing Let Union Be, one of the visitors knocked a full glass over, spilling its contents on the table, dangerously close to Terry’s mandolin. I hereby refrain from making any of the obvious jokes.

For me, the highlights of the evening from the others present were:

  • Alison, David and Simon’s three part harmony version of Thea Gillmore’s Sol Invictus
  • David’s take on Try To Remember, popularised by Andy Williams. We’ve heard him play Home Coming Man before. Perhaps he’ll bring along the Cookie Bear soon.
  • Lord Hoddo’s Lament – a fiddle tune to which Fred has added words
  • Alison’s songs in Medieval German: Allererest leb’ich mir werde – Welther von der Vogelweide’
  • Alan’s version of Bill Caddick’s Unicorns
  • John’s Gorging Jack and Guzzling Jimmy
  • Simon’s compulsory-at-this-time-of the-year Xmas In Australia
  • France’s harp pieces: Anwyn and Elenor Plunkett
  • Steve’s Old Tennessee, which is not ‘his’ new song, but a recent song for him

Next week is the Xmas meal at the Dog & Badger, for which you need to have contacted Karen if you want to come! There will be plenty of opportunity for music between the eating and drinking.

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