Prince Albert Wed 8th December


Dick Frost - Let Union Be, The Eynshaw Poachers, Fanny Blair (unaccompanied songs).

Terry - John Hobbs, Slow Down to My Speed (collected at Uxbridge Folk Club 1968/9), Annie Monroe (Jez Lowe).

Delia & Stuart - Da Stocket Light (concertina duet).

Delia - When the Snows of Winter Fall (unaccompanied).

Richard - The Pleasures of Hope, Back of the Haggard (hornpipes played on low whistle), Man's Best Friend (a rather rude song, unaccompanied), Boys of Ballysodare & The Butterfly (red admiral) (tunes).

Rosie & Alan - Silver Spear & Sally Gardens (tunes), A Christmas Carol song by Tom Leara), It Doesn't Have to be That Way (song by Jim Croce), Have Yourelf a Merry Little Xmas.

Roger - Arrest These Merry Gentlemen (unaccompanied song).

Roger & David - Far Away & Onwards and Upwards (guitar duets).

Martin B - Only You, Julia (John Lennon - it was the anniversary of his death), Here is My Song for the Asking (Paul Simon)

Tony - Cornish Lads (unaccompanied song), La Morrique & Horses Brawl (concertina tunes), Threescore and Ten Boys and Men (unaccompanied song)

Simon & Dave - Napoli (unmistakeably a Steve Knightly song), Biker Hill.

John Crosby - The Funeral S (All His Other Wives Came In), The Flushers Song.

And apologies from Karen who'd almost lost her voice and could hardly talk let alone sing!

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