With sincere apologies to James Taylor


There is a small club known as MBAC
That meets in some pubs near Wycombe or Marlow
To sing songs and play tunes every Wednesday we all go
To a pub small or large
To meet with our friends-eh-eh-ends

The Prince Albert is tiny but a proper old pub
The Dog and Badger is larger and has a good sound
The Belle Vue is lively but Alan has made it
A very nice place for musicians to play
We meet there ev-er-y first Wednesday

So come along and join us
The musicians of MBAC
Folk songs or blues, anything that you choose
Will be welcome - there's little to pay
One pound raffle it all that it takes

The first of December was covered in snow
And so were the roads to The Belle Vue from Marlow
Karen was tired and decided to stay home
And Rosie was recovering from seeing a cra-a-a-ash

In the Belle Vue the snug’s now an artistic gallery
With photos of semi-clad ladies on show
With tattoos and piercings it seemed like the real thing
We all sang some songs but our minds were elsewhere-ere-ere-ere
It was getting hard not to just stare

And we sang without any ladies
Ian’s song was near to the bone
Martin sang some blues and Simon played some tunes
We left early to get home safe-ly
And be safe for the Prince Albert next week

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  1. I shall expect you to sing this on Wednesday Alan!