1st Wednesday of 2011


Alan and Rosie and others preluded us with tunes before Dick embarked on Let Union Be, which we did, followed by Steve’s rendition of the Blue Bonnets Grow song which I can’t remember the true title of. As it was the first MBAC of the new year, and as Richard Thompson is MBE in the Honours list, I sang We’ll Sing Hallelujah. Alan & Rosie tried and gave up on the polkas but manged Captain Byng, Peg Ryan and Maids of Ardar, ably accompanied by Richard on low whistle. This was followed by more low whistle to Richard's home-spun composition, in honour of MBAC I think, called Just a Little Tipple on a Wednesday, and the seasonal Advent Mazurka. Later in the evening we had some minute tipples via a box of liqueurs Alan and Rosie donated to the raffle which we decided to share amongst us – and why not!

Martin sang Glen Hansard’s Falling Slowly, from the film Once. And in no time at all it was Mr Frost’s go again as our numbers were select. Dick did The Fatal Glass of Beer (can it really be?) and Steve, surprisingly, did the sad lilting Green Hills of Antrim, and then accompanied Karen on the Eagles My Man, which was written to honour the deceased Gram Parsons.

Alan treated us to Lord Inchquin on mandolin and then part of the Bottom Line band did the rhythmic Cash on the Barrelhead which was accompanied by voyeurs doing a whole lotta shaking. Richard felt the urge to bring out Henry the Accountant, (written by Paul caplan) maybe because he thought the ending reflected what the bankers ought to do! Martin then brought us back to a tasteful rendition of Paul Simon’s Old Friends, but the humour would not die down as John got in one last Xmas song – The Christmas Pudding Hunt.

3rd go round found Dick wishing for springtime with Twas On One April Morning, Steve wishing for the Arizona Plains and his cowboy hat with Night Rider’s Lament, and Karen and Steve pondering the vagaries of loving the inappropriate and unattainable one with Bonnie Bessie Logan. Alan and Rosie, determined to restore their own confidence did the difficult jigs, White Petticoat and Out in the Ocean, followed by the somewhat wistful Neil Young’s Don’t Let it bring You Down. Lovely Nancy brought us all singing together with Richard with accordion, and another wistful & poetic song from Martin with James Taylor’s Fire and rain. The mood then lightened considerably as John had us all singing along to the wonderful parody of Walking in a Winter Wonderland, entitled Walking Round in Women’s Underwear – great stuff!. Dick was obviously determined not to be outdone, and so we smirked at the thought of Brian Boru in his pelt in front of the fire plucking up the courage to tell the lady that times were changing.

Back then to tasteful, with Steve’s Every Now and Then, and yes, there are lots of people we think of every now and then, followed by him and me doing Joni Mitchel’s The Circle Game, about the seasons and time passing as they do, which was followed by one of the classiest songs of the evening, one of my personal favourites when John sings it because he sings it so well and so full of pathos - Casey.

Dog and Badger closed for the time being, so we’re at the Belle Vue on Wednesday 19th Jan. We hope to get some Dog and Badger news by the end of the month and will post it here.

See you all soon,


PS Sat 29th Jan – Burn’s Night Supper, with Scottish entertainment from the wonderful Colm and Devina McCabe, John Summerville and Moira Craig (nearly said Stewart!) from Maidenhead Folk Club – should be a good night, well worth going to.

Vegetarians can have vegetarian haggis.

Info from Judith Inman:

Could you let the club know of the annual Burns Night at the URC,Quoiting Square, Marlow .
£12 on 29th Jan, starts promptly at 7pm all the usual neeps, tatties, haggis ,speeches etc [its either one or poss 2 drinks included...bring your own whiskey]
and after all that there will be dancing AND Moira , Colm, John and Davina will entertain [also local scottish dance club display] so there wont be much dancing but lots of strange words for the English .
Pearl says its great fun ....
#Any way if anyone is interested please let me know andIi will reserve tickets for you .01628 486845 or e-mail

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