Unusually a 2nd Belle Vue in January 2011


Surprisingly, we all managed to accommodate ourselves down the right-hand bar of the Belle Vue and were not in the least distracted by the football-watchers (rare occurance @ BV)in the room on the far side of the pub. We managed about 4 rounds as follows:

Dick (unaccompanied) - Bring Us A Barrell, Drink Old England Dry, Wild Rover!, and Martin Said to His Man

Ian (unaccompanied)- Earsden Sword Dance, Salisbury Plain, Blow the Candle Out, and The Little Tailor

Terry (accompanied by mandolin as his guitar case turned out to be empty! & whistle) - Liverpool Lou, Hawl Away Girls (Wm Pint), Spamish Ladies (tune), Mavis Hornpipe, Sheeps Hornpipe (tunes on whistle - good to hear as Terry is a fabulous whistle player)

Martin (accompnied by his brand new handmade, British, Martin Cole guitar)- No Regrets (Tom Rush), Killing the Blues, Driftin' Blues.

Fred (plumbing pipe whistles & unaccompanied) - Orsa Kyrka (swedish tune), Intoduction of Lily Bolero on whistle followed by The Old Orange flute - described as an old Irish song about a heretical flute), Henry Can'es set of Spanish Ladies, The Ways of Torre (?), and A Farewell to Whiskey.

Alan (without Rosie, but with Mandolin) - 4th time lucky & managed to start the Stockton Horpipe(!) then revealed by expleting "A part now" that he has played the B part first. My Darling Asleep (and so she may have been), Ship in Full Sail

Steve (accompanied by guitar) - Mr Dream Seller, the unaccompanied When I First Came to Caledonia, and Will the Circle Be Unbroken which went down well.

Karen (accompanied by Steve on guitar & harmonies) - the Great divide, though not in a great key, Sonny's Dream, Machine Gun Kelly.

Debbie (accompanied by guitar)Kate Rusby's very clean version of The Good Man, the lovely Song for Ireland.

John (unaccompanied) - If You Had Brain You;d Be Dangerous, & Les Barker's parody of Mud Glorious Mud with the immortal line "men never make passes at girls in crev-arses"

Next week we're at the Prince Albert and as it's Burns' Night it would be great to hear some Scottish songs & tunes.

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