Even better second time around at The Belle Vue


Those who have looked over my shoulder while I’ve been taken notes on a Wednesday will not be surprised that, this week, I can’t actually make head nor tail of them. So this is a set of highlights from the bits I can actually de-cipher…

We had two second time visitors…. Firstly Garry, who’d once made it along with his resonator guitar to The Pegasus and made a big impression. He was on even better form this evening with Stephen Foster’s Hard Times Knocking At My Door, an excellent song of his own called, I think, Planet Earth to Heaven. Plus one more! It’s great to hear the resonator played so well.

We often see Creag’s parents at The Belle Vue. Creag was visiting them so popped in with them for a second time. He started with an impressive original song called Naturally Beautiful. This usually mentions Bristol where he lives but, this evening, Wycombe was the natural choice.

It’s always a pleasure to see Malcolm, who can always be relied upon for an amusing song or two in addition to his melodeon playing. This week’s gems were The Hole In The Elephant’s Bottom and Sidney Carter’s Play The Film Backwards.

Also in attendance with selections from their usual repertoires were (in order of appearance) Dick, Terry, Rosie and me, Richard and Andy (not sure I’d heard the Tommy Steele hit Singing the Blues from them before), Debbie and John.

We’re at The Prince Albert for each of the next two weeks. Be there, or be in the wrong place.

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