30th June at The Dog and Badger


This week a good turnout at the Dog and Badger provided much amusement and great performances. Newcomer Anthony presented with some very nice arrangements of a traditional song Lady and the Grenadier as well as Piers Haymen’s Each To His Own, while Richard sang I Keep Dogs and Ferrets and played us a couple of his own tunes he had written a few years ago - Dashwood’s Golden Balls and The Hellfire Club. Doug had recently started coming to the club again, and performed The South Atlantic by Alan Frank on the subject of Maggie Thatcher, especially for Dick! He also sung the very enjoyable Good Enough For Me by Peter Bellamy.

Martin B treated us to Paul Simon’s Homeward Bound and Bonnie Rait I Can’t Make You Love Me, whilst I (as Martin J!) performed the blues classic Stormy Monday with Dave accompanying. I finished the evening with the original version of Hurt by Nine Inch Nails.

The evening also saw a few laughs, not only at Roger and Karen’s brief preamble before Kate Wolf’s Medicine Wheel but Doug and Roger’s conflicting harmonies during Bring us a Barrell! Dave’s self-penned The Little Sardine had us in stitches at the toils of the poor unrecognised fish, whilst Terry gave us a hilarious parody of the blues... “who says the third line has to different at all?!”. John sang us an entertaining new take on The Who’s classic Pinball Wizard. I also provided some amusement with Flight of the Conchords’ Most Beautiful Girl in the Room.

We also heard:

Dick: The Innocent Hare – Trad, Limehouse Lass – Trad.

Terry: Have you got a Biro I could borrow – Clive James and Peter Aitkin

Karen and Roger: This Old Town ­– Janis Ian and Jon Vezner

Rosie and Alan: Tar Road to Sligo & Blarney Pilgrim- Trad., Blame it on the Sun – Stevie Wonder, The Shasheen & Pigeon on the Gate - Trad., Don't Let It Bring You Down – Neil Young

Dave: Smuggler’s Moon – Original

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