Prince Albert 14 July 2010


Herewith a somewhat shortish " ROGBLOG", as I / we prepare for our East Anglian Odyssey.

Wednesday the 14th of July saw a good turnout, once again, at the Prince Albert in Frieth, in a bar which seems to be acquiring more furniture than White's Repository. Somehow, we all managed to squeeze in, and soon Dick's dulcet, or do I mean duck-like, tones signalled that the proceedings were under way. His first choice for the evening was "Fathom The Bowl", although I have a suspicion, to be honest, that it was IAN who started us off with "Lord Benbow", now I come to try to make sense of my notes !!

Anyway, The Gruesome Twosome were soon at it with some A minor ( or "R Moll" as they say in Bavaria) jigs, followed by a delicately -performed "I only Have Eyes For You", or, as HM The Queen says, "One Only Has Eyes For One". Steve then sang the lovely "Sweet Music", what he wrote hisself. The Newly- Weds, freshly returned from The Everglades, offered "Medicine County" ( H Golightly ) and "Money In The Bank" (Dawn Landes), which, if they continue to get better & better each week, is what we'll have to pay them! (Only joking, you two!. Melodeonist Paul, (a welcome visitor) entertained with a deftly-fingered "The Railway" & "The Rogue's March". Fast becoming "regulars" are Duggie Brown and his charming companion; although possessed of a concertina, she demurred, so he took up his guitar and sang "The Ballad Of Jamie Penman", by Robin Lang, after which Karen and I dusted off "Follow The Heron Home" with reasonable success. The Back Bar Ramblers then, somewhat noisily, gave us "See How The Wind Do Blow" and "You Are My Moonshine".

This brought us to SAD ( Simon,Alison, and Dave ), who seemed to have been waiting since the previous week, and who ventured "Sun Goes Down", "Just The Motion", and something that looks like, rather improbably, "Hole In Worms" ( in my notes !). Alan & Rosie, their names restored, performed "Angie Baby", followed by Steve and "Sleepless Sailor" ( K Rusby).

The Newlys then showed more class with "The Ghost Who Walked" ( Karen Elson). Paul's next pairing was "Will Ye Go To Flanders" (I think !)(Corrected by Karen from Willy Goes to Flanders!) and "Wine In The Glass". Tony, whom we hadn't seen for almost a year, sang "Drift From The Land", and Karen & I were joined by Dave Fenner for our arrangement of "Here In California" (K Wolf), which seems to go down well !

The late (as always!) John Crosby sang Mr Thompson's ""Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight", after which Andy proffered "If I Were A Carpenter". Well, that's about it, Folks; there's nothing else in my notes, so apologies to those that I missed due to lavatorial visits, chatting, etc !! See you all in 2 weeks time !!

Extra Note from Karen: The newly-weds were presented with a bottle of Fizz, under the pretext of the raffle, to help them continue celebrating their nuptials (Roger's word)!

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