Marlow FM Radio at The Pegasus 22 July 2009


Another busy night with:-

Some regulars – in order of their first visit to the club (previously known as Wycombe Folk Club) - Dick (1960s), France (1970s), Karen (1970s), Bob (1990s?), Alan and Rosie (2004), Roger (2005 – the year we met him at Dave Newson’s 50th birthday), Simon (2007/8?), Fred (2008), and David and Alison Fenner (unknown - they may well have visited the club when it was in Wycombe as they were performing probably 1980s or earlier – perhaps they could let us know when they first came to the club)

Some occasional visitors – Andy Fowler from Marlow FM Radio, Jacqui Morde from Maine, Richard Lloyd and Andy Hodeg from the other side of High Wycombe,

Some new visitors Chris Knott from Flackwell Heath and Richard Bowkee from Hayes, two old school friends who have recently got together again via the power of the internet.

Not quite sure how to class Terry as he’s becoming a bit of a regular!

As Andy had brought his new recorder we all squashed into the quieter restaurant area away from the handful of customers in the main bar. We look forward to hearing the recordings in due course. And many thanks to Andy for the very kind gifts to thank people for playing for their live radio shows in June this year. Andy told us that they are running a live music festival in Riley's Park, Marlow (behind Waitrose) on Sat 12th September, which will include a variety of music from locals, (including MBAC) and internationally known bands. We hope the radio station's application for a 5 year FM license will be successful.

As usual there was a wonderful eclectic mix of numbers:-

Tunes (with some excellent joining in):-

My Love She’s a Lassie Yet/ Tenpenny Bit (Simon, melodeon)
Kerry Polkas, Some Tunes x 2 (Rosie and Alan, melodeon, concertina & guitar)
Orsa Kyrka (Orsa Church) and Valley of Silence (Fred, whistles)
Jack Robinson (Roger on Harmonica)
Pleraca Fanny Ni Poer (France on harp & Roger on guitar)

Songs in various loose genres

Country – Great Divide (Kate Wolf), Speed of Loneliness (John Prine), I’ve Waited As Long As I Can (Tony Rice), Heavenly Houseboat Blues (by Van Zandt Townes who wrote the wonderful Pancho and Lefty)

Traditional & Modern Folk – Daddy Fox, Unquiet Grave, Singing Bird, Little Sparrow, Little Pot Stove, Pulling Down Song, I Wish I Was in London, Bonny Light Horseman, Carrickfergus, Banks of Sweet Roses

Modern & Almost Modern – Dido’s My Love Has Gone, Donovan’s Intergalactic Laxative, Richard Thompson’s King of Bohemia, Leon Rosselson’s Ant and the Grasshopper, Tom Robinson’s Martin

Golden Oldies – You Go To My Head (Coots, J. Fred; Gillespie, Haven), Delia’s Gone (Bobby Bare), Old Kent Road (Albert Chevalier/Charles Ingle)

Self-penned – You Can’t Stop the Music (Fred), Shoreline (Chris Knott)

Next week we are at The Prince Albert at Frieth, and the first week of August we will be at The Belle Vue in High Wycombe.

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