Carry on up the chastity belt at The Prince Albert, Frieth


Nigel is a regular at The Prince Albert and has been at the bar when we’ve been there before. We heard him sing this week – he gave us a fine rendition of Chastity Belt . We hope to hear more in a similar vein on our future visits.

We hadn’t seen John for a while and were pleased to hear a couple of songs from his usual repertoire – Ghost Riders In The Sky and Don’t Slay That Potato. His final number was English Ale which we used to hear occasionally from John Wilson. It’s a fitting song for the Prince Albert, where the Brakspears is always well kept.

Gerry warned us that he’s just discovered Dougie MacLean and that we should expect to hear several of his songs in coming months. He sang two this evening: Rolling Home and Sailing to Australia. At Karen’s request, he finished with his fine version of The Killer’s Human.

Other numbers were:

Dick: Let Union Be, Turkish Men of War, Twas On One April Morning
Karen and Roger: Waltzing For Dreamers (Richard Thompson), Give Yourself To Love (Kate Wolf)
Roger and Richard: Shebag Sheemore
Rosie and me: Valse Eric Rocher, I’ll Fly Away, The Weakness In Me (Joan Armatrading), Am jigs
Me and Richard: My Darling Asleep
Rosie: The Unlaid Maid (Kipper Family)
Richard: Lord Inchquin / Hewlett, Blind May / Humours of Trim (AKA Rolling Waves), My Lady Collins’ Delight / Lusty Gallant
Simon: Lass of Richmond Hill / Prince Albert, Always to Galway, Oranges in Bloom

We’re at The Belle Vue in Wycombe next week and, as usual there, I’ll set up the amp and a couple of mics for those that want to use them.

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