In festival mode at The Old Ship


We were pleased to see that no-one had brought a karaoke set-up to The Old Ship this week.

I’m writing the blog while watching highlights from the T in The Park festival on the BBC iPlayer and shortly after talking to Rosie, who’s somewhat damp at the Latitude festival. These rock festivals have themed stages, so here’s an account of Wednesday’s session in the rock festival style.

On the Dining Stage (most of us squeezed around the table by the window, but Sheila overflowed into the dining area):

  • Sheila: Kipling’s If (to her own tune), Beating of My Own Heart and Pete Scott’s Eddy’s Dead
On the ‘Flying Solo’ Stage, we had:
  • Dick: Innocent Hare, Let Union Be, Fatal Glass of Beer,
  • Ian: Jim Jones to Botany Bay, Three Jolly Rogues Together, Died of Silicosis
  • Delia: Sweet Polly Oliver
On the ‘Pull and Push Stage were:
  • Stuart and Delia: The Queen’s Birthday as a concertina duet - quiet an achievement so soon after taking up the instrument
  • Stuart: Edinburgh Lass/Penny on the Water on concertina
  • Rosie and me: O’Carolan’s Dream on concertina, Silver Spear/Sally Gardens on melodeon
  • Simon: Princess Royal, Shepherd’s Hey on melodeon
  • Roger: Upton Stick Dance on harmonica (more suck and blow than pull and push)
On the ‘Songs of the Singer-Song-writers’ Stage:
  • Rosie and me: Angie Baby (Helen Reddy), Blame It On The Sun (Steve Wonder), So Far Away (Carol King) – these were all left over from our gig at the brewery on Tuesday when it poured with rain. Martin’s set was going down so well with the 30 people who’d invaded the stage (i.e. gazebo) to avoid the rain, that we let him carry on.
  • Gerry: Shower the People (James Taylor), Galway to Gracelands (Richard Thompson) – the latter also left over from Tuesday
  • Bob: Nothing Happened Here (Bob – in very good company)
On the ‘Songs from the folk-singers’ Stage:
  • Bob: Loving Hannah, Maddy Groves
  • Karen and Roger: Cloghinne Winds, When I’m Gone
  • Simon: Year Turns Round Again (John Tams)
On the Rock Star stage:
  • Martin: Stranger Thing Have Happened (Foo Fighters), Message in a Bottle (The Police), Daddy Don’t Live in New Year City No More (Steely Dan) - Karen's request for Rikki Don't Lose That Number is held over for another week before Martin's return to Derby
We’re at The Pegasus in Marlow Bottom next week. Andy and Paul from Marlow FM will be there, perhaps with the station’s new MP3 recorder. So bring your Sunday Best material!

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