Change of venue for 11th JUNE- going back to the roots at The Nags Head


The Nags Head in Wycombe is well connected to the club:

  • It was once our venue in our previous existence as Wycombe Folk Club

  • Karen misspent some of her youth there

  • Steve performed there in the 80s when part of Travelling Shoes

After a spell as The Pride, a gay pub, The Nags Head has a new (and frighteningly young) manager who is working hard to re-establish it as the town’s premier music venue with a mixture of musical styles. His plans include re-establishing the large room upstairs (The Blues Loft) as a proper gig venue. There’s a fair amount of work to be done on the fabric of the building, but this is an initiative worth supporting.

His plans include folk music, so we’ve agreed to host a folk evening there on Wednesday 11th June. This will be our usual relaxed format with, we hope, some new people attracted by the pub’s publicity efforts. Do come along and support us and the venue. There is street parking in Queens Road, behind the pub. Here's a map.

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