11th June 2008 @ The Nag's Head


We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and went on longer than usual as there was no pressure for us to finish at 11pm - other than work commitments the next day of course! Please let us know what you thought of the venue.

We were made extremely welcome by Tom who is developing the Nag’s Head back into the premier music venue it once was. Alan took on the furniture arranging role this evening and eventually we all settled in but had to keep making the circle bigger as more people arrived and a local drinkers came to listen, some of whom really loved the music. It was lovely to see Brin and his wife after several years – and Brin, if you read this – you won the raffle so we have a bottle of wine for you!) We had a few Later on Rupe (of Rupes gig guide) joined us and said he may bring his guitar next time.

It was also lovely to see occasional visitors Stuart and Peter both of whom sang and played guitar. The regulars were: Alan, Rosie, martin, Karen, Roger, Dick, Steve, John, Simon, David, and Dave. Vicky and Ryan popped in later but unfortunately too late to sing and play for us – another time hopefully, though Vicky did join Martin on the chorus of It’s Business Time – the correct title being Flight of The Conchords.

It turned out, perhaps surprisingly, to be an evening with quite a religious theme to it:

Down to the River to Pray (Rosie, Karen, Roger & Steve)
I Met a Man who said his Name was Jesus (David & Simon)
Sing John Bull (John)
Good Holy Dan (Dave S.)
A parody of All Things Bright & Beautiful (John)

Traditional & Folk Type songs were:

Bring us a Barrel (Dick, unaccompanied)
Banks of Sweet Promroses (Peter)
Love is a Flower (Dave S.)
River Days (Steve, unaccompanied)
Joan’s Ale (Dick, unaccompanied)
To hear the sweet Nightingale Sing (Peter)
Fisherman’s Blues (David & Simon)


Polkas, Am Jigs, (Alan & Rosie)
All the way to Galway, List for a Sailor (David and Simon)

60s numbers:

I’ll be your Baby Tonight (Steve, Karen & everyone)
You’re so far Away (Rosie & Alan)

Comedy was provided with:

A Hunting Finshfing-i-ers (Brin)
The Flusher’s Song (John)
Nobby Hall (Simon)
Parody of All Things Bright & Beautiful (John)
Flight of the Condors (Martin)


Benighted (Martin – an Opeth song)
Oh Cumberland (Karen, Roger & Steve)
Lowlands (Karen, Roger & Steve – the country song, not the folky one!)
Great Divide (Stuart)
Dream a Little Dream (Rosie & Alan)
Give Yourself to Love (Karen & Roger)
Time in a Bottle (Stuart)
Keep on the Bright Side (Rosie, Alan, Roger & Karen)

Next week we'll be at The Prince Albert, Frieth.

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