Laughter and song at The Old Ship


We were just able to squeeze into the eating area of The Old Ship this week.

It was great to see and hear Bronwen and Peter. As well hearing as their excellent song Guessworks, we were able to join in Knocking on Heavens Door.

Browen also joined in a comedy theme running through the evening with Dave Vermond's Give My Love to Bimbo. Other comedy contributions were:

  • Man in the Moon (Dick)
  • Going to be One of These Days (John)
  • Fred Wedlock's Country & Western Song and the song about Australian men crying (title unknown by me)
  • Bill Bailey's Murder in Parliament Square (AKA the dog/cat/tramp song) from Martin

Stuart had heard Delia practicing, and decided that Ian Campbell's The Old Man's Song would be a good complement to Where Have All the Flowers Gone. It was a shame that Delia was actually practicing Blowing in the Wind! However, The Old Man's Song's theme of generations of young men going off to war sadly remains only too relevant today. Delia contrasted her Dylan song with Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron.

Rosie, Karen, Steve, Roger and Alan will be playing an evening of American music at The Old Ship on Friday 4th July, complete with microphones, amplifiers and a bass guitar (see the panel on the right). In preparation, they dusted off some suitable material and tried some new stuff out:

Steve: Tequila Sunrise
Karen & Roger: Give Yourself to Love
Rosie & Alan: Dream a Little Dream of Me, Looking in the Eyes of Love
Rosie: Grandma's Hands
Rosie & Karen: Down to the River to Pray

Other songs were:

Dick: Drink Old England Dry, The Pretty Chambermaid (that some of us had not heard him sing before)
Martin: his own Midnight Musings (complete with nifty guitar accompaniment) and The Foo Fighters' Long Road to Ruin
Karen: The King of Rome
John: The Old Miner

We also had a few tunes:

Roger: The Sloe
Simon: The Prince Albert (named after the pub where we first heard him play it, and renamed The Old Ship for this evening)
Roger & Simon: Scan Tester
Rosie, Alan & everyone: Sonny Brogan's & Charlie Lennon's, Off to California & Tomgraney Castle

Thanks to everyone who made the evening so enjoyable.

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