Another great night at The Old Ship


The Old Ship is a fantastic, but small, pub and we pretty much filled it this week. Maybe the beer served directly from the barrel was the attraction.

Robin was passing through and was on very good form with Dare to be Different, Lost and the hilarious Men and Sheds. I think the line about touching up Napoleon referred to painting soldiers. I think his work schedule might arrange itself so that he's in this area on the 3rd week of some months in the future.

The Simon and David pairing was re-united after David's enforced absence and started with Little Pot Stove followed by Steamboat/Rambling Sailor. Next time around they were joined by Roger for Scan Tester 2. David then gave us an unaccompanied version of Ladies of Pleasure.

Roger R's version of A Rovin' was somewhat different from the one I learned at primary school. The lyrics are here. His version of Peter Gabriel's Solsbury Hill was also very different from the one we're used to hearing from Martin.

Karen and Vicky's duet on the Dixie Chicks' Top of the World was lovely, especially considering it followed an impromptu first practice in the in the small area between the bar and the toilets.

Some of us used the opportunity to rehearse our Irish material in preparation for our St Patrick's themed evening at The Horse & Groom in Henley on 15th March. This happens to be the day England and Ireland play at rugby. Here's hoping we're asked to play Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

The evening's Irish songs were Wild Rover (Dick), Raggle Taggle Gypsy (Delia) , Black Velvet Band (Steve), Bold Donnelly (Rosie + Alan), The Excise Man (Dave H), The Rare Old Time (Dave S) plus As I Roved, Star of the County Down and I'll Tell Me Ma (all Karen and Roger). Rosie and Alan led the mazurkas Sonny Brogans and Charlie Lennons, the polkas Teahan's Favourite and Off to California and the O'Carolan waltz Lord Inchquin. We'll be in decent shape with a bit more rehearsal.

Other songs from the evening were Teenage Cremation and WC Fields' Fatal Glass of Beer (watch the original on youtube) from Dick, Harvest Moon (Dave H), Rolling Fields of Blue (Steve), Around Cape Horn (Dave S), British Grenadiers (Delia) and Love That Can Never Grow Old (Vicky).

We're back at TJO's next week, where we can expect more Irish material in preparation for the Saturday's evening at the Horse & Groom. All welcome at both occassions.

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