at T J O'Reilly's


Although without Rosie this week and Alan only attending part of the evening we were very pleased to welcome back David whose finger is now better and we were pleased to hear that his guitar playing doesn't seem to have suffered.

Tunes this week were: Scantesta No 2 on harmonica accompanied by David on guitar, and an unknown tune on guitar that he used to play with Eddy & Amanda, and The Blue Eyed Stranger from Roger, The Glendy Burke, Stephen Foster The Irish Lass and West Wind from David on guitar, My Darling Asleep, Lord Inchiquin, The Mummer's Gig from Alan on mandolin, and various from Dave on melodeon including the 3 Around 3 set.

Some of the songs accompanied by guitar were: the lovely Fair maids of February (Robin Dransfield) from David, Sun Coming over the Hill and My Man from Karen & Steve, Every Once in a While from Steve, the lovely new song – Let Smiling Be Your Banner, plus The Trawling, and Smuggler's Moon from Dave.

Unaccompanied songs were: Bold Benjamin, The Braes of Skkrene, Bring Us A Barrell from Dick, and When First I Came to Caledonia from Steve.

The evening was finished off with some 60s numbers that everyone joined in with: You Can Close Your Eyes and The Times They Are A Changing led by Steve and Catch The Wind led by Karen & Roger.

A highly enjoyable evening. Next week is at The Old Ship, Cadmore End.

Finally, we have been asked to help provide some Irish Music for St Patrick's Night at The Horse and Groom, New St, Henley, on Saturday 15th March. Please let us know if you want to come along and join us then for Irish tunes and songs – the livelier the better though the odd quiet one acceptable to give us a rest!

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