At The Prince Albert


What a lovely relaxed and friendly evening this was, and ew even had some customers at the bar who listened a bit. The evening started off with Young Collins, ably led by Dave on melodeon, Roger on guitar and various people with shaky eggs. Other tunes throughout the evening were (excuse spellings) - Galival & Dr Faustous Tumblers, plus some tunes during the break whose names I missed.

Delia and Stuart gave us a lovely duet - The Blue Muslin which they appeared to enjoy singing. Dave gave us the cheerful "Weekend's Coming" (which always makes me want to travel off to the seaside) and his lovely Village Life.

Patrick gave us a tour of the world with songs of his experiences abroad - Donkey Bypass, Brazil Blues, and White Women in a Brown World. He also entertained us with stories of some of his experiences, including eating locust legs in custard after being inudated with a swarm of them in Africa. One particular tale was not quite fit for publication - as were some of the jokes that Dave and Roger treated us to! Patrick certainly deserved to win the raffle this week for regaling us with some of his exploits.

We had quite a lot of chorus songs and songs people knew well enough to join in with - Drink Old England Dry, Let Union Be, and Daddy Fox from Dick, Green Hills of Antrim, River Days and Desperado from Steve, The Nightingale from Delia, Going To Be One of Those Days and Grey Funnel Line from John, Lowlands and Circle Game from Karen who is now singing again but needs to start practising with Roger and Steve after such a long spell during which time some words and guitar parts have been forgotten!

The evening was finished off with Steve leading us all in the splendid Country Life.

Next week we're at TJ O'Reilly's again.

On Sunday 24th February there is a Charity Session (free entry) at The Masonic Hall, Wallingford 3pm - 8pm. Quite a few people from Bill McKinnon's Cross Keys session will be going as will Bill, Karen, Roger and maybe Dave and Norma. (Parking at Waitrose car park)

On Friday 29th February there is the monthly Henley Folk Club at The Horse and Groom, New Street, Henley (free evening parking in the car park behind Waitrose) from 8 pm onwards.

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