at TJ O’Reilly's


A packed night - 22 people - with some fantastic tunes, songs and harmonies. 

A very warn welcome to Pete, Sian and Roxy from Oxford, to Sally from somewhere the other side of High Wycombe (possibly Holmer Green or thereabouts - can’t remember exactly), and to Linda from Didcot.  It was also good to see Bob and Roger R again as well as all the regulars.

Roger Rowe provided the humorous entertainment with a song that mentioned Van Gogh’s ear and another about "Old Brown".  Simon and David also sang "A Brother like Martin". 

Some of us (Dave, Karen, Rosie, and Linda) practised our Irish songs for Saturday - with songs such as Irish Horse Trade Fair, the Excise man, Star of the County Down, Ring a Ring a Rosie, Sally Gardens, Galway Shawl, The Blacksmith - some of the lady singers beautifully accompaniedby Roger M and Steve.

We had some lovely harmonies  - which everyone joined in with - from Pete and his 2 lady singers Sian and Roxy - e.g. A Stranger in this Country (the singing of which was accredited to Graham Metcalf - now in canada, but back for some summer festivals including Whitby), Bonnie at Morn, Nightingale Carry me Home, We Circle round the Sun, Blue Cockade, and Who Knows Where the Time Goes.

It was lovely to hear Bob’s guitar playing on Raglan Road, My Lover’s Gone (Dido), and his acompaniment for Linda on Autumn Leaves.

Add to all the above........ On The Banks of Roses (lyrics masterfully held by Karen!) and Ready for the Storm from David and Simon, Top of the World from Vicky and Karen, Old Maui from John, Turkish Men of War & others,  from Dick, Early one Morning and others from Delia and various tunes led by Alan and Rosie which sounded fantastic with so many people playing along e.g. Mazurkas, Maggie in the Wood, Jigs etc with guitars, melodeons, concertina, mandolin, and bodhran.....and you can see we had a fantastic evening.

We’ll be doing it all again next week at The Prince Albert in Frieth, where space is at a premium so get there early if you want a seat!  Some of us are at Henley at The Horse and Groom, New Street on Saturday doing some Irish music for St Patrick’s Day.  And after that, get ready for St George’s Day on April 23rd at The Old Ship, Cadmore End.

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