In the bar again


 A select few this evening enabled lots of songs and tunes interspersed with comedy - jokes and anecdotes - and chats - some about food and health brought on by Xmas meal discussions of which choices were gluten & nut free, and a reminisce about Morcombe and Wise sketches. In fact the evening started bizarrely with a customer-occasional worker trying to lever open windows with a large kitchen knife as the fire could not be turned down - because it has become a real fire! 

David went into seasonal mode with some wonderful songs - A Winter's Tale (sung by David Essex), Snow Falls by John Tams.  Karen also managed a winter song too.  Plenty of love songs this evening - Give Yourself to Love & Where Are You Tonight (Karen & Roger), Love is a Rose (Rosie), Steve Knightly's The Undertow (David), John's Les Barker more serious being in love song, and Dick's Lovely Nancy to name just some.  Some comedy e.g. Dick's Fatal Glass of Beer.  Some sentimental - John did Eldorado (Dick Miles) requested by Karen and Saying Goodbye to the Sea.

Lots of great tunes e.g. a French musette (Alan & Rosie), a Polish dance tune and Canal in October (Roger), O'Carolan's Draughts (Alan's mandolin) and man more.

All in all a lovely evening but we did miss Steve and Bob, so looking forward to seeing them next week or at the Xmas dinner!

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