variety is the spice of life


It was good to see Bob again, complete with new knee. And especially good to hear The Jukebox as She Turned, written by Jeff Deitchman and mostly known from the Nic Jones version. Bob's new words for Silent Night told of a modern family Christmas – obviously not the family of anyone present… His take on Lal Waterson's Fine Horseman was as good as always.

Simon brought his voice along as well as his melodeon and sang Tom Robinson's "Martin" and the hilarious An Australian Christmas, both accompanied by Dave. Roles were reversed for I am Ready for the Storm and Dave's fine song, Islands. The same pairing gave us several sets of tunes.

Karen had two accompanists. She sang Dimming of the Day and Kate Wolf's Medicine Wheel with Roger, and Oh Cumberland with Steve. Steve himself resurrected This Old Town, best known by Nanci Griffith, and had no shortage of help with the choruses.

Dick's sang Limehouse Reach at Bob's request. We had some joining-in songs too – John C led the shanty Blood Red Roses (previously usually heard from "Towersey" John), and Dick led Let Union Be.

Rosie's songs were Fishing Blues and, to add a seasonal touch, Jim Croce's It Doesn't Have To Be That Way. Between them she and Alan played several sets of tunes, including a couple of by Turlough O'Carolan.

Vicky brought along the guitar that she now proudly owns, and got it re-strung courtesy of Bob. However, she didn't bring her songbook or her voice. She was clearly saving the voice for next Tuesday's Xmas meal and music evening at The Old Ship. Alan's hoping for a better-performing set of fingers for the occasion.

If you'd hoped to come and have not booked, we're sorry that we've filled all the tables already. Here's hoping for another great evening.

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