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We had a relatively quiet night in an otherwise empty pub, but a good time nevertheless. For some reason, Karen kept people chatting for a while at the start. Eventually, Dick started things off with Daddy Fox, and followed later with Let Union Be.

It was nice to welcome Tony for his first visit. He played a nice mixture of English and French tunes on his concertina. Let's hope he pops in again when he's next in the area.

Dave joined us for his second visit, with his excellent guitar playing and singing. His selection of fine songs included Ship of Fools (Grateful Dead), No Man's Land (Billy Joel) and Sunset over Morecombe Bay (writer not remembered by Dave).

The new pairing of Karen and Roger gave a first outing to Where are You Tonight, along with Dimming of the Day (very different to the Karen and Steve version). Roger played 'Waltz in G' from the Hardy Manuscripts on guitar and led the country dance tune Jack Robinson on harmonica.

Rosie's songs were the White Stripes' Got Her in Your Pocket and In the Jailhouse Now from O Brother Where Art Thou. She and Alan played a few of their usual Irish tunes. Alan shared how pleased he is not to have received a yellow card for having an untidy desk at work.

John joined later on, in time for The Rare Old Times and Sloop John A.

Proceedings were drawn to a close with mass singing of Ride On, led by Karen and Roger, followed by I've Waited as Long as I Can, led by Rosie and Alan.

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