At the Old Ship


What a great evening.  The atmosphere and the company was fantastic.  We had a great mix of songs and tunes and a great collaborative parody of Fiddler's Green from Tim and Roger.  Everyone was on top form and we all went away extremely happy.  Amanda sang wonderfully as usual and Eddie did some great numbers.  Steve and Karen managed to do OK with their new songs, Sun Coming Over the Hill and Oh Cumberland.  Roger M sang an amusing number and played Ride On amongst other things.  Simon led some great tunes as did Alan and Rosie, and Rosie sang Carole King's lovely So Far Away and others which I'm having trouble remembering titles of.  Vicky alas only sang one - which was beautiful, she has such a lovely voice we want to hear more.  Dick treated us to Man in the Moon and more.  If I've missed any one out I'm really sorry...!

Thanks so much to Tim Brooks and Roger Rowe for coming such a long way, to Simon from Marlow, Roger Mills from Henley and to Eddie and Amanda for joining us.  We are wondering if any of you would come regularly if we moved to the Old Ship?  Please leave comments if possible. 

There is some uncertainty about TJ O'Reilly's as they may have new people taking it on eventually and it seems The Old Ship would be happy to have us.  The only drawback is that we would be in the bar so if busy it could be noisy, though both evenings to far have been great.

Sorry to be a bit brief but I have just got back from Bedworth Folk Festival, also attended by John and Geraldine, where John sang Limehouse Reach which I guess he wouldn't at MBAC!  (Dick's song)

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