more like this please


Our best evening for some time, with just the right balance of:

- 'regulars' and 'occasionals'
- traditional and contemporary
- songs and tunes
- familiar and new

It was nice to see and hear Robin again, even if his 'Vladimir' song about an Essex girl who gets caught up in dubious activities was somewhat disturbing…. A song to compare and contrast with Ian Dury's classic 'Billericay Dicky'. His version of 'Black is the Colour' is very different to the one we usually hear from Bob. He also  sang Farfallina, which you can hear his Myspace.

Dave (guitar and vocals) was accompanied by Simon (melodeon) on a fine selection of songs and tunes, notably Dave's own 'Island of Steel' which was admired by several of us. Simon was somewhat louder when leading the tunes! We hope to see them more often.

Roger led a few tunes on guitar, including 'Seven Stars' and 'Canal en Octobre'. Alan followed the latter's theme on mandolin with 'The Pernod Waltz' – a tune in the French style, written by a Scotsman, learned from an Irish woman and played by Englishman.

Dick, who is so much part of the furniture that he sometimes gets forgotten in this blog, sang 'Let Union Be in All Our Hearts' and 'The Miller and his Lass' with, as always, the massed ranks joining in on the choruses. 

Bob had left the guitar at home, so we had 'Peggy Gordon' and his own 'Hamster in a Wheel' on bouzouki. On the other hand, Vicky did bring her guitar and accompanied herself on 'The Good Man' as she continued her progress through the Kate Rusby repertoire, newly armed with the latest songbook and new hair colour. 

Karen and Steve came up with some songs we hadn't heard before ('Louise' and Matraca Berg's 'Oh Cumberland'), a couple we've heard a lot ('Great Divide' and 'Green Hills of Antrim') and one we don't hear enough ('Island').

Early on, Rosie led the musicians and egg shakers in rousing versions of the Kerry Polkas and the A minor jigs. She also sang 'Almaz', which attracted everyone (i.e. one person) from the other bar to listen.

The sing-along finale was 'Black Velvet Band' and 'I'll be Your Baby Tonight' from Steve, sandwiching 'In the Jailhouse Now' from 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou' from Rosie.

As England are playing at home next week and TJ's expects a large and noisy crowd, we're playing away. So we'll be at The Old Ship at Cadmore End on 21st November. It's a fine pub with beer straight from the barrel. Why not come along and join in, or just listen?

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