at T J O'Reilly's


Another friendly Wed with songs ranging from home-grown e.g. Patrick's songs of places he has been, to Trad (e.g.Turkish Men of War) to Contemporary (e.g.Dido, Bowie) to 60s (e.g.Times they are a Changing) to parody (Les barker).  Also tunes from Alan & Rosie & some joinyiny numbers at the end ably helped along by Steve and Bob and the Shakers.

My favourite songs of the night have to be Graham Miles's My Eldorado from John, and Sun coming Over the Hill which Karen & Steve sang for the first time, with Karen trying hard to slow Steve down - he does get carried away!  Richard Thompson probably made it as most featured songwriter - he seems to manage to do that a lot! and Vicky pushed Kate Rusby into most featured singer.

The evening was, as usual, punctuated by some strange occurances, Jennifer strangling Steve with the dog lead while looking after Monty as Karen sang unaccompanied, Bob singing "Old Brown Dog", Karen trying on Vicky's boots, etc etc  Lots of fun as usual! 


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