a select few


We had a lovely relaxed fun evening with lots of singing, 4 songs each and lots of banter, some unrepeatable here! John appeared much earlier than normal because the Orpheus choir had their practice cancelled - they'd been to Scarborough, stayed in a hotel where there was a bug and 35 out of their 55 members went down with it!!! But it meant we had John for a whole evening which was nice.

Both Vicky and Karen did guitar practice and no one complained too much. Vicky did Recruited Collier fo the first time and Rusby's version of Ranzo which she tells us people complained about. Karen is giving her the trad version to hear. We had a French moment with Little Bantam Emperor and Rosie's French tunes. In Alan's absence Steve provided guitar and we had a more modern moment with Neil Young, but James Taylor was the songwriter of the evening with Vicky requesting Steve to do Sweet Baby James and Karen having dome Machine Gun Kelly - she says its a fun song!

We had a joinyiny finale with Country life & verses spread around the room, then for some inexplicable reason we were led in a verse of bread of Heaven by Dick who then did another one verse hymn.

Dave has asked us to do Xmas songs & carols, maybe the Sunday evening before Xmas, will keep you posted.

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