more egg-sized fun


A very warm welcome to newcomers Glen and Lynn.  Glen hadn't played at a folk club for 28 years so did very well, singing Gone to be Wed, Bonnie Ship the Diamond and Big Yellow Taxi, the latter ably helped by Vicky who of course sang it at the Rebellion Brewery do. 

Dick was full of cold but still sang Limehouse Lass and Billy is the Lad beautifully and then treated us to Teenage Cremation as well. 

John and Steve were in cowboy mode with Ghost riders and Desperado, but Steve, where is your cowboy hat now?  It really suited you.

Alan and Rosie played the tune they're ..."going to play every week until they get it right" ....again.  We said it sounded right but someone suggested we only said it to stop them playing it - what lies!  Then Alan regaled us with tales of highway robbers who stole his car years ago and then returned recently to steal his CD player, clearly trying to find the Stevie Wonder album they missed the first time.  Luckily for us they hadn't got it first time so Alan and Rosie were able to learn and sing the lovely song they then sang.  Rosie was requested to do a Norfolk song so we were treated to the lament for lost railways by the Singing Postman.

Vicky plucked (notice the little pun) up the courage to play her guitar and sang Our Town by Iris Dement.  Then rather naughtily she promised she would sing more if Dave played his "Run like the devil from the excise man",  which he agreed to..... and all credit to Dave he persevered fantastically through the hysterical laughter on the other side of the room as everyone sang "ran like the deveil from the egg-sized man" and made finger movements in imitiation of little legs on eggs and Alan asked for the shakers knowing full well there'd be an egg in there!  Guess you had to be there!

Karen was in a slightly hyper mood having been behaving like a teenager at Banbury last weekend.  John and Geraldine will be keeping an eye on her at Bedworth in November!  She got croakier and coakier as the evening wore on from the dust and paint as the decorating at TJ's goes on and on, but hopefully the end is in sight.

We also discussed having a theme night, anything from a normalish theme night, to one of Karen's specials (pictures and objects and Paul's tenuous links) to having the Dick night we suggested long ago where we all sing Dick's songs - but don't tell Dick, we'd like it to be a surprise.  I fancy the blister on my toe song (did I say that? - I mean "I have a sister" of course) or possibly Bright Morning Star, but we will need to agree in advance.  Please email Karen with what you'd like to do so we can avoid people singing the same song!  Then we'll get it programmed in.

I hope this blog doesn't disappear as it's the second one I've written - where did the first one go??

See you all next Wednesday......

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