At the Old Ship, Cadmore End


We received a very warm welcome from the new Landlord and Landlady, Ron and .... and had a highly enjoyable evening in the lovely old pub.  The pub is doing splendid food with local produce wherever possible, including local rabbit, pheasant and partridge, but excellent veggie options available too, and they only sell real ale - no lager!  

A very big thankyou to all those who came to support the evening, Roger and Annie (Henley Fok Club), Tim Brooks, Roger Rowe, Stuart (fab guitarist from Marlow), Tony and Pearl (Maidenhead Folk Club), the man with the melodeon (sorry, not sure of name), and all the regulars from Marlow Bottom Acoustic Club.

We had just the right mix of tune and songs, the songs ranging from ballad to comedy, the latter from Roger and Dave.  And the clientelle at the pub all seemed to enjoy the music and were joining in as well.

We hope to vist the Old Ship again soon, possibly on Wednesday 21st November as there is football in our usual venue that night and it will be too noisy for us to meet there that night.  We are also looking at the possibility of having an evening of food, drink, song and tune as a Christmas treat, so anyone interested in joining us please get in touch asap as it will need to booked up fairly soon. Their Xmas menu is £19.50 for 3 excellent courses and I can email the menu to anyone interested.

Will post any dates on myspace and facebook.

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