Wow, we had a great evening even though we were missing Alan, Rosie and Martin, and Steve was delayed.  It was lovely to see Patrick, Terry and Malcolm.  And a very big welcome to Bruce and Tania (we've had a little tip off about next week - looking forward to it!), Sally, Wolf and young lady (daughter?), and John from Bradenham. 

Well done to Vicky who brought her guitar (nervously) and played & sang a lovely White Stripes song and later on was accompanied by both Patrick and John on guitar.  It was great to hear Sally (and yes, you do look familiar so I think I must have seen you in the past at festivals)  who sang us a Van Diemans Land song and Buddy Can you Spare a Dime - we definately look forward to seeing you again.  Bradenham John (as opposed to Quiet John, Morris John, or Scottish John x 2) sang 2 lovely self-penned songs and played along with some of the songs - thanks to Richard & Jackie for telling John about the acoustic club.   

Malcolm Austen has to be declared song-writer for the week especially as Terry, after going into 60s mode with Cohen and Dylan, sang Malcolm's Oh No Not the Fields of Athanry accompanied by some enthusiastic chorus singing fom the entire room.  We were also treated to various 'smoke-free ' lyrics after Malcolm and Terry told us about a recent thread on Mudcat e.g. "I can see clearly now the smoke has gone...". However the best moment (for me) was after Karen announced she was wearing only one contact lense, and this prompted Malcolm to sing his very funny parody of Loving Hannah which of course contains the line about wearing one contact lense ... over a glass eye!  Much hilarity all round! 

Patrick, another contender (not winner as he was the only one singing his songs, though others do sing them) for song-writer of the week with his excellent songs written from observations of life and events all over the world, also added to the comic theme with a very clever song written after a trip to Asda in Reading, juxtaposing the ecological/political with shopping, after overhearing a couple's conversation. 

Polly and William featured in more than one song though Polly was a feisty parrot in one and cruely murdered in the other - thanks for that gruesome tale John.   

Regulars Dick, Steve and Karen did their usual type things.  More rousing singing with Dick's rendering of "Let Union Be" and Steve finished off the evening with Will the Circle be Unbroken accompanied by everyone (guitars, mandolin, & voices).

A highly enjoyable evening, so hope to see you all again another Wednesday.

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