A good turn-out


A good attendance tonight, so no-one had to work too hard. A first visit to the club by Hamish, whose songs were greatly appreciated.

Tonight's awards are:

The "Making it look easy" award: to Simon for the hornpipe he played on solo guitar

The "Making people cry with laughter" award: to Martin for Bill Bailey's cat/dog/tramp song

The "Irony" award: to Bob, for his interpretation of Gershwin's Summertime while it poured with rain outside

The "Most Featured Songwriter" award: to Cyril Tawney, with Grey Funnel Line  from John and Sammy's Bar from Hamish

The "Rehearsal pays off" award: to Karen and Steve for The Eagles' My Man

The 'house band' from Saturday of Rosie (briefly), Richard, Alan and Steve was re-united for a few tunes.

Why not join us on a Wednesday soon? There's no pressure to play unless you're keen. You can even leave your guitar/bagpipes/whatever in the car until you're ready.

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