We were very pleased to welcome Robin Bailey for his first visit to the club and look forward to his next one. His great mandolin playing and cleverly put-together songs were a real treat. Hear Robin for yourself on his MySpace.

Simon's guitar stayed in its case tonight. Instead, he played a stunning combination of traditional and original material on the fiddle. More please. And just to show his talents don't end there, he picked up Rosie's concertina and bashed out a couple of tunes in the break. Simon's MySpace is here.

Steve continued his trawl through the Nanci Griffith catalogue, complete with yodelling on Night Rider's Lament. Instead of the customary Bill Bailey song, Martin did the 'Chaucher Pubbe Gag'.

We also had songs by:

- The Beatles
- The White Stripes
- Carole King
- Peter Gabriel
- Linkin Park (really)
- Tom Paxton
- Steve Earle
- and, of course, several by Trad

Another fine evening. Come along one Wednesday and hear for yourself.

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