we didn't see the bright lights tonight


Complications with the building work underway at TJ O'Reilly's meant that only a few of the lights in the side bar were working. This caused some problems for those having to refer to lyric sheets. The arrival of a torch helped somewhat.

It was good to have Dave and Norma around again. They are looking well after dodging the rain around Britain in their camper van for much of the alleged summer. Sure beats working, and Dave's wandering melodeon practice is certainly paying off.

For obvious reasons, water was something of a theme. Peter Gabriel's "Here comes the Flood" from Martin was timely as the Thames surge headed for Marlow. Dave followed Steve's rendition of 'River Days' with his own song about shipbuilding on the Tyne. 'Sonny Boy' from Karen and Steve was also a sea-faring song. And Rosie added "Watercress Girl".

We all exchanged puzzled looks as Dick sang 'The Innocent Hare Stoat'. He also sang "Bring us a Barrel" (for what he claimed was only the 3rd time this year) and "The Bramble Briar".

We hadn't heard Karen sing unaccompanied for a while, so "Somewhere Along The Road" was much enjoyed.

On a more contemporary note, we also had James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James" from Steve and "If Love is a Red Dress" from Rosie.

Comedy came from John, with "Going to be one of those Days" and Martin, whose recitation from memory of the "Beulah" chapter from Bill Bryson's "Walk in the Woods" had everyone in stitches (and somewhat in awe at his memory). Perhaps he spent rather too much of his childhood on long car journeys listening to audio books. He promises more of the same before going off to university in September.

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