by candlelight


Another good turn-out and a great evening, with candles adding to the atmosphere, and thanks to Dave for managing to produce a little more light so we could actually see drinks, words etc as required.

It was lovely to see Geraldine, accompanying John now tap classes are in abeyance during the summer holidays, and to see Judith back again. Also, Bob, Simon, Dave, Norma, Patrick, Steve, Jennifer, Alan, Rosie, Martin, Vicky, Dick and Karen.

Dick's CDs have now produced a small surplus fund which has paid for him to have a subscription for the Living Tradition magazine.

The highlights of the evening have to be Martin's "dangerous" turn being superceded by Alan's even more dangerous placing of his mandolin on one of the candles! A little waxy but no damage and soon forgotten as Martin's "dangerous" turn soon had us all laughing as he emulated Demetri Martin - playing guitar with running commentry / jokes e.g "sort of" after various phrases including ..."it's a boy!"

Patrick also added to the humour with the 2nd donkey song he wrote to compensate for his 1st donkey song which people told him was too cruel to sing. In t he 2nd one the donkey wins the day with a by-pass and vets etc. And of course Judith gave us a recent Les Barker monologue using birds names throughout the story - very clever!

Steve treated us to some unaccompanied singing, both on his own and with Karen. Simon did some great fiddle tunes, and we loved Alan's mandolin solo, Bob's Black is the Colour, Dave's self-penned story songs, Martin's singing with abandon, Dick's marvellous traditional singing, John's varied choice of material, Rosie's singing - especially the Kipper maiden not satisfied song in her Norfolk brogue - and her melodeon & concertina work.

Another excellent evening......see you all next Wednesday....though probably in a different part of the pub as the floor is being this space for updates.....

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