Three Daves in a Row at the Dog and Badger.


The significant event at this week's well attended spectacular had to have been Dave and Alison's Anniversary. Alison made the careless remark that she was absolutely exhausted. It was one of those "was my face red" moments. And there were three Daves in a row, which makes things tough for me. One day I'll learn people's surnames. That will be after I've learnt their forenames, so don't hold your breath.

Overture was "Princess Royal" and "Young Collins", and Mr Frost opened the proceedings with "Blow Boys Blow". Steve followed that with Lyle Lovat's "If I had a Pony" (or "If I had a Boat") – I've got mixed up there somehow. Terry continued with "Bird on a Wire" (as performed by that renowned tragedian Mr L. Cohen). Alan and Liz performed some intricate harmonies on "Poppies Lie Buried". (Magenta.) Martin made his fingers dance picking "April Come she will". Debbie made everyone coo singing "The First Time ever I saw your Face". That was by Ewan McColl. Not George Michael. I had a crack at "Winter Winds" to the tune of "My Lagan Love". I wasn't the only one to commit a long pause this evening. Delia led us all in "Lavender's Blue (dilly dilly)". Alan and Rosie played "A French Waltz in E minor", it says here. Can there have only been one? Someone should write another! And despite crippling ear problems, Rosie sang "Blue Valentine".

Dave and Alison sang "The Rose". Dave performed a solo with "You've got a friend in me", the Randy Newman song popularised by a Kinematographic Animation, they tell me. Then the other Dave (Dave H) performed his own song "The Eagle". Then the other other Dave sang "Sail on By" with his own accordian accompaniment. Allah knows who these Daves are. Simon sang "My Brother Martin". Karen and Roger performed "When I'm Gone", and Roger played "The boys of Bluehill" and "Fishers Hornpipe". Hornpipes on guitar are no mean feat. We had come full circle so Dick sang us "The Verdant Braes of Skreen". Terry leapt into the fray with "Hello Hans", providing another echo of Remembrance Day. Alan and Liz gave us more intricate harmonies with "I'm going to Drown my Cat" (by Judith Aarons); a pastiche on "All Around my Hat" which had us falling about. (On Mudcats they attribute this to Bob Walser who "got it from someone in England". You might like to set the record straight there.)

Martin went fingerpicking again with "While my guitar gently weeps". Debbie did her own fingerpicking with "Underneath the Stars". I sang my own song "Essentials", which has a nice simple refrain of "A Green Field, under a Blue Sky". Delia sang us "Only Remembered for what we have done". Alan and Rosie played "The Tar Road to Sligo" and "The Blarney Pilgrim". When you can peer over peoples shoulders to read the sheet music you don't have to whistle at them when they're at the other end of the room. Simon, Dave and Alison performed "The Tall Ships", and Alison sang an American version of "Little Sir Hugh", which cheered us up immensely. Dave H sang his song "Tolpuddle Men are We". The other other Dave sang "Her Name's the Marco Polo". I think it was. His lovely companion, whose name I do not yet know, played "The Coleraine Jig" and "The Humours of Cork". It was her I had to whistle at. I'm sorry. I've sure it's not the first time she's been whistled at. Karen and Roger sang "Sonny don't go away". Roger and Dave co-ordinated to round up the evening with "Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife" and "Gander in the Pratie Hole", both on guitar! Lots of diddly tonight!

P.S. I'm told the other other "Dave" is actually called "Doug". And his companion is called "Issy". I can't bring myself to ruin a good title.

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  1. And, on Sunny's Dream, we should not forget it was a threesome:- Steve (guitar & vocals), Karen (vocals) & Roger (harmonica)

  2. I think the quality and diversity of the material made this one of the best MBAC evenings ever. Thanks everyone.