In and out at the Prince Albert for Alison’s birthday


It was a lovely evening, so we decided to start our evening in the garden at the Prince Albert. This meant that most songs were accompanied by the goosey choir, with interludes by the local songbirds and the occasional lamb. This all made for a great atmosphere. We managed to hold out against the dropping temperature for one turn each and then retreated inside for a second time around.

It also happened to be Alison’s birthday. Not only did but David produce a mini birthday cake with a single candle, Alison also won the raffle. The exact quota of candles is not known to most of us.

The outside atmosphere seemed to inspire some fine performances. Notably:

• George Gershwin’s Summertime from Debbie
• Year Comes Around Again by Simon, David and Alison
• Steve Tilson’s Speaking in Tongues by Martin B
• The almost-apt Old Game Cock by Stuart

We had some highlights when inside too, in particular:

  • An ‘all-hands’ sing-along of Let It Be, led by Simon with David and Alison
  • Bill Bailey’s The Proper Love Song by Martin J, which had several of those assembled crying with laughter
We also heard:
  • Dick: Drink Old England Dry, The Miller and the Maid
  • Ian: Radcliffe Highway, Trubshaw’s Bold Hussar
  • Terry: Robb Johnson’s Where The Blues are Found (about Billie Holiday), The English Country Blues Band’s Strong Man, a re-working of John Barleycorn
  • Delia: Joy of my Heart, Aiken Drum
  • Stuart: Waits and Weeps – a timely reminder of 1998’s Piper Alpha distaster
  • Debbie: Kate Rusby's Underneath the Stars
  • Martin B: Ocean Colour Scene’s The Circle
  • David, Alison + Simon: The Eagles’ Hole in the World Tonight (acappella), Coshieville, Died Standing Up
  • Karen and Roger: Richard Thomspon’s King of Bohemia, Oh Cumberland
  • Roger: Upton Stick Dance (I think) on harmonica
  • Rosie and me: Kerry polkas, Carole King’s So Far Away, Dark End of the Street
  • Martin J: Ian Siegal’s Sugar Rush (this prompted one of the groups of drinkers who weren’t with the club to offer him a gig in Cheltenham)
  • Steve: Gulf Coast Highway
  • Douggie: Tony O’Neil’s Hell Bound Boat, Bob Dylan’s Death is not the End
  • John: What You Do With What You Got by Si Kahn
We’ll be at The Dog & Badger at Medmenham next week (30th June). Not as conducive for an outdoor event, but with much more space inside!

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  1. The Hell Bound Boat was a hightlight for me!