The Rogablogalog


On Wednesday, May 19th, 20 or so stout fellas and fellaresses squeezed themselves into the farthest recesses of the dining-room of the Bag and Dodger, and much joyous music and singing ensued.

First to vocalise his innermost thoughts was Dick, sometime upholsterer and veritable Doyen of the Buckinghamshire Balladeers, who launched himself into "I Have A Sister " with all the verve and gusto that only a former Light Infantryman could muster. This was followed by "Marcie", from the troubled pen of J Mitchell (Miss), performed nicely by Robin. Two tunes, namely "Shaskeen" ( sp. ??) and "Pigeon On The Gate" came from Alan & Rosie's corner of the room, and they also duetted on "Bang Bang", which, sadly, isn't a Swedish love song, but should be (IMHO).

The ever-dependable Richard led us in "Lovely Nancy", after which Martin & Kerraleigh entertained with "At The Bottom Of Everything" and "Wonderful Life", attributable to Bright Eyes and Felice Brothers, although which to whom, sadly, evaded my notes. Delia sang the Acker Peller (remember him ?) version of "Can Ye Sew Cushions ?" after which her other (and much better) half played, rather dashingly I thought, "Midnight On The Water" on his concertina, to which I contributed a modest accompaniment (blush). Dave & Alison Fennel performed the tragic and evocative "Take My Hammer", followed by "Red Guitar" (it says in my scribble).

Next, I almost hesitate to mention, came the turn of ourselves, yes Karen and Moi ! With an eye to the future and Bank Holiday Weekend's Chippenham Festival, whereat we shall be performing, with Simon Diegan ( !!) (blush encore), I essayed a quick "Upton Stick Dance" on tremelo harmonica, although Karen declined to demonstrate the footwork, after which we together performed "Across The Great Divide" by Kate Wolf. Debbie delighted with "Fling It Here", the great Muckspreader Disaster song, followed by The Other Martin singing "The Needles And The Damage Done", about the pitfalls faced by knitters with the DTs. Ian stuck to his traditional guns with "Spencer The Rover", and Terry shone with his version of Bill Caddick's "Unicorns".

After the interval, Dick re-started us with "The Peat Bog Stories" and Robin sang the "Sideboard Song ". Rosie and Alan then got greedy and were quite carried away with "The Tar Road To Sligo", "Tripping Up The Stairs", & "The Blarney Pilgrim" and a song, "People Being Sensible" (which they weren't). Richard's "The Football Match" amused, Kerraleigh and Martin (I'm tempted to call them "KLM" in future) pleased with "Arms Outstretched" & "Come On Billy", and John led us all in "Where The Robbers Retreat" in a dodgy (for me) key .Delia sang about the regretful Miss Otis, whilst Hubby declined his turn; I played "Portsmouth" on harmonica, and Karen & I rendered "This Old Town" as per the singing of Nancy Griffith. Terry probably did something else, but I missed it ( possibly went for a "cuddle "), Martin sang "Behind Blue Eyes", and finally (gasp!) Dave Fenugreek performed "Next Best Western", finishing off a splendid evening, aided my Mrs F and "Love Thee, Dearest, Love Thee" ( and I'm sure they do !)

We are busy preparing for Chippenham, so will probably miss this Wednesday at the Prince Albert, and next week we're in Gloucestershire and Lyme Regis, so see you all again sometime in June !!


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  1. "People Being Sensible" was actually Karen's comment about the song. The song itself was Joan Armatrading's "I Really Must Being Going", in the narrator decides to go back to her husband after a brief fling.