Ye Prince Albert hostelry 24 March 2010


Yes ! Here I am again ! Who will rid me of this onerous obligation ??

I See .......OK, then, here is the report of the proceedings at Ye Prince Albert hostelry, Wednesday 24 th March.

On arrival at the pub, we (Alan,Rosie,Karen & me) were faced with having to park in the road, as the usual parking was overflowing, which did not augur well !! However, there were fewer people in the bar than we thought, leading me to suspect that some of the locals park there, have a quick bracer, then hie them away to the woods for a spot of devil-worship or dogging or something, there being pitifully little else to do in Frieth, one suspects.

The usual suspects attended, and it was nice to see Norma & Dave again, after quite an abscence.

Dick (obviously gasping) sang about Tobacco (again !), and later (less breathlessly) Broomfield Hill, Rosie having tuned us all up initially with Soldier's Joy, as I am sure she would be if she moved to Aldershot. Richard whistled lowly(ish) again, offering Pagans O'Boyce, or something like that, and Minstrel's Fancy. Martin of the Ridge sang Paul Simon's "Sparrow", and Karen & I had a go at "This Love Will Carry Me" ( Dougie McClean). Terry amused with Mr Lehrer's "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" (splendid idea !), whilst Steve played it safe with "New Mown Hay" a la Watersons, rousing chorus etc.

The increasingly dependable Martin & Kerraleigh performed "Little Miss Holiday" (Dawn Landez) and "The Old Devils", by the splendidly-named William Elliot Whitmore.(His real name was Sid Crankshaw, but he changed it ). This brought us to Alan and Rosie, who had a schott at a Schottishe, followed by "Where Has My Love Gone?" (reminds me of Dusty,somehow). Dave H, despite still suffering from fingeritis, sang some of his own compositions during the session, including "The Funfair Comes To Town", and "Judgement Day". Delia sang "Akin Drum", and Stewart sort of narrated "The Snail" in a Janner accent.

John From Afar gave us "Bonny At Morn" and "Logs To Burn", whilst John From A Bit Nearer offered Tom Lewis's "Shanty Man". Martin O'The Ridge sang Mr Thompson's "Read About Love", whilst Karen & I did the same songwriter's "Waltzing's For Dreamers". Solo efforts included Alan ( "Stuart's Hornpipe") and Karen ("The White Hare"), Richard changing to accordion for "In The Season Of The Year". Terry's second item was "John Barleycorn", Steve's being "Bless The Broken Road". Martin & Kerraleigh pressed on with "Map Of The World", by Monsters Of Folk (!) and "Old Times" (By "Whisper Town 2000" , or something !). You've got to laugh,haven't you ??!!

Dave F and Simon D ( remember him ? "" It's Siiiiiiiimmmoon DEEEEEEE " !! real name, Carl Henty-Dodd,if you didn't know !)

---anyway,they played well, despite having me along on either Cajon or guitar,and we did "Madeleine's Waltz" (Wim Poesen), "Fiddlers'Green ", "Bucks Free Press" and Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here".

The end looming ever closer, Delia sang "Who Will Buy My Besoms", to which some (!) sang different words, Stewart led a magnificently harmonious "Lowlands Low" (all about Naval Drill !), Rosie did a quick parody of "Danny Boy", and Dick finished us all off with "Throw Me Leg Over The Man In The Moon"---riotous !

Then we all went home in the rain to our beds (or some of us did,anyway).

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  1. My 'John Barleycorn' was , in fact the English Country Blues Band's re write , called by them 'Strong Man'