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Wednesday, ...March,2010, at the Dog and Badger, Medmenham

A jolly good turnout at this increasingly popular new venue, although, in the absence of our usual hosts, the temporary staff (forgive them,Lord; they know not what they do!) got into a bit of a pickle and consigned us to the smaller, more cramped, dog-friendly (but none turned up ) area......where it was VERY hot indeed !

Anyway, Dicky Doyen started us off, as usual, on this occasion choosing "Lovely Nancy" as an "icebreaker". A later offering, viz " I Drew My Ship Into The Harbour" was, some of us decided, somewhat risque and probably a euphemism! Martin of Bledlow then got his banjo out, and treated us to "The Zoological Gardens", and later, McColl's "Forty Foot Trailer".

Richard then did a solo (so low you couldn't hear it) or two on his (very) low whistle----"The Pleasures Of Hope", and "Back Of The Haggard", as those with VLF (Very Low Frequency) aural perception might have deduced. To his credit though, he DID come up about four octaves later, whilst playing with Andy. Having "duetted" with Rosie for "Sally Gardens", I then "trioed" with Karen and Rosie for "As I Roved Out"; staying with the "roving" theme, Alan then joined us and we "quartetted" the lovely "I'll Go No More a'roving" with "The Wise Maid"(tune) tacked on the end. Visitor Patrick gave us "Mixed Morris Dancing", and, later, "Global Cooking", both somehow vaguely topical....

The fair & rosy-cheeked Glen,fast becoming more regular than a syrup-of-figs tester, sang Tom & Jo Collins' "You're Not Easy To Forget" and "One Starry Night", inspired by a dream she had about a Dutch painter cutting off an American songwriter's ear. Next in line was our new friend Debbie with "Don't Know Why I Didn't Come" (tell me about it ) by Nora Jones, after which the inimitable Fred performed the catchy "Blarney", later offering a parody of "The Mountaines of Mourne"; then Alan did an unexpected mandolin solo with " My Darling Asleep".

Arriving thus at the "star turn" of "The Dieganfenners", we had Alison playing a beautiful duet-concertina accompanied song, the name of which is so lovely that I could not write it down, whilst Dave & Simon performed the "Galway Farmer", and I helped Dave out on harmonica with "The Wild Geese". Delia & Stewart stuck manfully & womanfully to the Irish theme by wisely offering "Danny Boy " and "Molly Malone".

I joined Karen for "John Mitchell" to the tune of (my arrangement) "Star Of The County Down", and the wistful "Maid Of Lishgnonwhatsit", and Andy & Richard were blisteringly good with "The Rare Ould Times" and "Spanish Lady" ----- Everyone who could play, ding, dong,crash or bang joined in with Steve Earle's "Galway Girl".....A great,if sweaty,evening !!

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