Gerry's return to Australia


We didn't get to have our 'featuring Gerry Miller' evening at The Pegasus because of the weather and Gerry's bad back. However, we couldn't let the occassion of his return to Australia pass without marking it some way, so we formed a small posse to present him with a couple of mementoes. Thanks to David for his artwork on the certificate and the T shirt.

It does seem much longer ago than 19th November 2008 that Gerry first appeared at The Prince Albert and sang (somewhat nervously I recall) Vincent and April Come She Will. Since then, with his choice of great songs and his fine singing and playing, he's become a part of our Wednesday evenings that we all looked forward to and will miss very much. Please join us in wishing him and Lee all the very best in their return to the Australian sunshine.

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  2. Sorry I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to all of you personally. Thanks for the mementos, which I will treasure as reminders of some great times at MBAC.