Rogblog No 2 at the Prince Albert 30th Sep


Calling All Bottomers !
Here is my 2nd attempt at Blogging......probably not as good as last week,but quite a few people did not say/write down by whom their songs/tunes were written,and I am not clairvoyant (or Clare Francis,or Clare Rainer etc).

We shall start with Gerry (and why not ??), who got straight down to business with "The Pugilist" ,by P Simon,followed later by "Sailing To Australia" ( Dougie MacClean),a subject dear to Gerry's heart.
Steve appears next on the blog sheet,and so I can report that he made light work of Nancy Griffith's "Talk to Me While I'm Listening".Later,he sang something else,but it doesn't appear on the crime-sheet,and my memory isn't what it was......
Next we shall deal with Mr Diegan,who was obviously in a nautical frame of mind ,hence "List For A Sailor" and Engine Room Artificer Tawney's "Sally Free And Easy"......Did the room sway and the lamp swing for you too ??
Ian gave us "The Flying Cloud" and "In Good King Arthur's Time", and Dick led us all in "Come My Lads" and the always -funny "The Fatal Glass of Beer".
A waltz by someone called Archie Dagg was brought to life for our enjoyment by Delia & Stuart,the former also performing "All Among The Barley" with great aplomb. Then up piped the directors of Fenner Fabrics ("Everybody Out !"---remember?) with jolly renditions of "The Rose", "The Hand Song","Hazard" (Richard Marks) and Paul Metzers' "1000 Years Today"..... I think I got that right--but who knows??
Visitor Jon ,from Tring,sang "One Drunken Maiden", a parody of "She Moved Through The Fair", and "We Shepherds Are The Best Of Men" -----at first,I thought it was "Wee Shepherds",ie stunted stockmen,but apparently not.
This brings us on to ----blush ! blush! ---myself and the lovely Karen,and our learned- the- previous- day attempt at Kate Wolf's "Here In California",which went rather well, I thought,then "Where Are You Tonight" as sung by June Tabor , and then I played ( yet again) "Le Canal En Octobre"----I live in hope that Fred Paris has written "Le Canal En Novembre" also.
OK, nearly there now ! The ever dependable and irrepressible Dave treated the assembled throng to "Let Smiling Be Your Banner" and "Hobos" ,which I am generously assuming that he both wrote himself, and lastly,not O'Sullivan's John, but Geraldine's John,freshly arrived from Orpheus but not necessarily in the underworld, sang "Hallelujah" ( L Cohen) and the hilarious "Bournemouth"------Les Barker,I think ?
Oh yes, and Will the Scot played his flute AGAIN ....."Scarborough Fair", it was, which we all joined in with.
Until the next time, then,

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  1. Go on ,you will be a good writer sooner or later.Thanks for sharing.